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Ian Dennison holds a B.A. in English & Political Science (Social Sciences) from the Sault Ste. Marie campus of Laurentian University. He was a news-writer for The Sault Star, The Napanee Beaver and several other newspapers. Mr Dennison has published poetry in Arts Journal, Poetry Anthology book and written articles for FaithWriters. He has also written a philosophical work entitled "The Realms of Destiny." 


Amber Newsome writes creative fiction and poetry. She has one year of Journalism at Sheridan College. She currently writes for 2 magazines.One of the magazines she writes for is a Christian magazine called "Lifted." They are in Houston, Texas. The second magazine she writes for is EP EXTRA, also located in USA. She has submitted an E-Book entitled "Ray of Light" as part of her involvement with Faithwriters. A couple of other Challenge contest articles that she has submitted to FaithWriters include "Locked Away" and "Help Me."


Sophia Flot-Warner's life is dedicated to 'continually cultivating my close relationship with God.' At church, she teaches 4th grade, leads the Puppet Ministry and directs productions and operates cameras during services. By profession, she is Executive Secretary to an Associate Dean at the University of Houston. She has been a prolific contributor of creative articles to, Virtual Writer and Sisters in the Lord magazine.